The smooth progress of the event will be ensured by the Department of Regional Geography and Environment, Faculty of Geography, University of Bucharest. If any issues occur during the registration process or if you wish to address any questions please address them to the secretariat (see the end of the page), accordingly.

The scientific and organizing committee is looking forwards meeting you!  


Dr. Armaș Iuliana

Dr. Bandoc Georgeta

Dr. Comănescu Laura

Dr. Dumitrache Liliana

Dr. Laurențiu Rozylowicz

Dr. Iojă Ioan Cristian

Dr. Ionac Nicoleta

Dr. Matei Elena

Dr. Mihai Bogdan

Dr. Nedelea Alexandru

Dr. Niță Răzvan

Dr. Oprea Răzvan

Dr. Pătru Stupariu Ileana

Dr. Peptănatu Daniel

Dr. Săvulescu Ionuț

Dr. Tișcovschi Adrian

Dr. Zaharia Liliana

Dr. Vespremeanu-Stroe Alfred


Prof. Dr. NIȚĂ Mihai Răzvan

Prof. Dr. IOJĂ Ioan Cristian


Prof. Dr. ROZYLOWICZ Laurențiu

Conf. Dr. MANEA Gabriela

Conf. Dr. MARIN Marian

Conf. Dr. VIJULIE Iuliana

Conf. Dr. ȘANDRIC Ionuț

Lect. Dr. CLIUS Mioara

Lect Dr. POPA Vasile

Lect Dr. VÂNĂU Gabriel

Lect Dr. TÎRLĂ Laura

Lect Dr. CUCULICI Roxana

Lect Dr. NICULAE Iulian

Lect Dr. IRIMIA Radu

Lect Dr. ONOSE Diana

Lect Dr. GAVRILIDIS Athanasios-Alexandru

Lect Dr. NIȚĂ Andreea

Research assistant POPA Ana-Maria

Admin. fin. UȚĂ Mariana

Drd. MIREA Marian-Dumitru

Drd. PÎNDARU Lavinia-Corina

Drd. SLAVE Raluca-Andreea

Drd. BARBU Giorgiana-Raluca

Drd. STOIA Larissa


General secretariat:;

Scientific secretary

Dr. Gavrilidis Athanasios-Alexandru (

Ph.D. students session secretary

Researcher Mirea Marian Dumitru (

Secretary for administrative issues

Admin. fin. Uță Mariana (