The organizing teams aims at offering the proper platform for valuable communication addressing issues within multiple domains. Please check the following topics and consider the one that suits you the best when going through the registration process:

A. Applied Geomorphology

A.01 Regional environmental changes and contemporary morphodynamics challenges;

A.02 Palaeogeomorphology and present-day morphodynamics;

A.03 Soil cover – between degradation and conservation;

A.04 Geomorphosites and geomorphic systems;

A.05 Hazard and risk assessment models.

B. GIS, Remote Sensing and Geotechnology

B.01 Using GIS solutions for assessing and managing hazards and risks;

B.02 Models and techniques in Earth observation;

B.03 Digital cartography and virtual reality modeling.

C. Monitoring the weather and climate to reduce their impacts and effects

C.01 Applied climatology;

C.02 Weather risk management;

C.03 Climatic change

D. Water – Society – Environment

D.01 Water resources and management;

D.02 Hydrological risks;

D.03 Water policies and cooperation.

E. Challenges of Environment and Human Dimension

E.01 Landscape: linking nature and environmental practices;

E.02 Challenges of environment and human dimension;

E.03 Recent environmental changes.

F. Recent Dynamics and Challenges of Territorial, Economic and Social Processes

F.01 Dynamics of urban and rural territorial change;

F.02 Spatial dynamics of demographic, economic and social processes under the global crisis.

G. Teaching Geography between tradition and modernity

G.01 Didactic strategies and curricula;

G.02 Geography education management.

H. Thematic workshops

H.01 SURE Workshop –  Paradigm shift in urban ecology*;

*Submissions accepted exclusively from SURE members

H.02 CIVIS Workshop – Challenges of Cities, Territories and Mobilities in the CIVIS network

H.03 Education Workshop – Bridging the Gaps in Geography Education